'Safety is an outcome, not a process.'

The health and safety landscape continues to change and engaging the right risk management professional can be difficult.

The needs of your business change overtime as your health and safety journey continues. What was of value last year may be different today.

Being able to engage with a team of professionals and subject matter experts will provide you with the flexibility and resources that you need.

Clients tell us our key values to them are:

    • Being a helpful sounding board
    • Providing reassurance and verification we are doing the right thing
    • Make us think about issues we have not considered
    • Make us review our strategy or approach on worker engagement and consultation
    • Alert us to potential issues that we could not foresee
    • Give ideas for growth
    • Help us define what our core issues really are
    • Spot skill set gaps and improve our structure and approach to safety



Safety Associates® can effect immediate change within your organisation that lasts. We focus on:

  • delivering safety that can be measured and evaluated
  • providing people with the skills to do their jobs safely
  • systems that are fit for purpose, easily understood and usable

View the skills of our people and what we can offer today.


Brent Sutton

Founder and Principal

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Email: brent@safetyassociates.co.nz


Glynis McCarthy  


Mobile: 0277 116 868

Email: glynis@safetyassociates.co.nz