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    Safety is a journey, not a destination.

Safety Associates is our New Zealand trading name for proving health and safety professional services. If you want to know more about Learning Teams Inc or our book The Practice of Learning Teams please click one the images.

Seeking the right fit for you.

The health and safety landscape continues to change and engaging the right risk management professional can be difficult. The needs of your business change overtime as your health and safety journey continues. What was of value last year may be different today. Being able to engage with the right people will provide you with the flexibility and resources that you need.  Clients tell us our key values to them are:
1. Being a helpful sounding board
2. Make us think about issues we have not considered
3. Make us review our strategy or approach on worker engagement and consultation
4. Alert us to potential issues that we could not foresee
5. Give ideas for growth
6. Help us define what our core issues really are
7. Spot skill set gaps and improve our structure and approach to safety

Brent Sutton

Founder and Principal

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Glynis McCarthy


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What we enjoy doing to help people and organisations

Assurance and Governance

Creation of appropriate tools and templates to enable robust due diligence reporting to Board & Executive levels of organisations

Development & presentation of due diligence & governance reporting at Board & Executive meetings and discussion and formulation of agreed action plans.

Risk Reporting 3LOD (3 Lines of Defence) and Risk Aggregation

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring of business & functional leaders in the effective implementation of their agreed systems.

Development & delivery of appropriate tools and resources to assist in up skilling of both operational and HSE team members.

Development & delivery of training programmes and competency assessments.

Embedding Learning Teams

Supporting organisations to implement and embed a learning culture using Learning Teams and the original work of Dr Todd Conklin.

Builder Worker Competency and Managing Machinery Risk

Building competencies frameworks to support workers to be successful in everyday work whilst providing assurance to the organisation on what good competent workers are.

Improving your safe systems of work to a evidence based competency model.

Peer reviews of Machinery Safety against AS/NZS 4024 series of machinery safety standards.

Incident Response and Investigations Differently

Doing investigations differently with Learning Teams and ICAM Root Cause Analysis.

Supporting organisations with regulatory enforcement actions such as Improvement Notices, Prohibition Notices, Duty Holder Reviews, Expert Witness services for Legal Counsel, Enforceable Undertaking Development and Project Management.

Fatality Management Response and Support

Including scene response, victim support, worksite recovery and blessings, insurance claims management co-ordination, interview support, emergency response planning and restorative justice.